• Our crafts are fully customizable
    Designed for use by
    • Navy
    • Coast Guard
    • Marine Police
    • Para-Military
    • Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Search & Rescue Operations
    • Ambulance Services
  • Highly trained & skilled personnel
    30 Years Experience
    Our Technical team consists of personnel trained in the UAE,
    Finland and Austria, some counting over 30 years of experience.
    Furthermore, our skilled and semi skilled technicians have been
    trained by New Zealand Engineers in all aspects of FRP Resin...
  • The fast interceptor crafts by Solas Marine Lanka
    Inspired by Nature
    Designed for optimum power and punch, these FIC boats are capable of
    carrying men and their fighting gear to over 200 nautical miles. This fully
    customizable platform can mount an array of heavy to light weaponry and is
    provided with 4 mount locations for a range of machine guns and grenade launchers.