Our Strengths

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  • 35 years of creating boats for use in the toughest of conditions.
  • Over 25000 deliveries from our humble assets at Wattala, Sri Lanka.
  • Vacuum infused GRP hulls using the best available technology, creating stronger and lighter hulls.
  • Ample experience not only in the field of design and manufacture but a strong after sales service network.
  • Utmost priority to quality and customer satisfaction – The key to our success.

Technical Know How

Solas Marine Lanka has a team of highly skilled personnel trained in the field of boat building, designing and optimisation techniques. The Yard is dedicated to efficiency, quality control and quality service to our esteemed customers. Our technical team consists of personnel trained in the UAE, Finland, Italy, Austria and New Zealand some counting over 30 years of experience. Expertise in FRP Resin vacuum infusion technology has been acquired from New Zealand. The workshops consist of well trained technicians who are capable of producing a quality FRP product within a specified time.

Our present work force of 200 skilled / semi-skilled personnel and the infrastructure of the Yard is capable to delivering upto two boats a month. The highly specialised workshops are fully equipped with all necessary equipment and tools used in the production of Composite Boats & Yachts. Research and redefining benchmarks has been the hallmark of our organisation and we constantly endeavour to achieve better speeds and compact designs for our future designs. Close liaison with our suppliers ensures the best in terms of technology and efficiency for our treasured products.

Design Strength

Our team of international designers and Naval Architects constantly upgrades knowledge base to meet the ever rising demands of the Marine Industry. Designs are made using high-end software design techniques. Our hull designs have been the pride of many esteemed customers particularly for designs requiring high speeds. The hull forms have been proven for their stability and sea-keeping qualities. The most advantageous result of our advanced FRP technology is the high strength to weight ratio of the composite material thereby providing a light weight craft with better strength requiring least maintenance.

Production is continuously monitored by ISO Quality Assurance Division equipped with modern laboratory for all types of composite tests.

  • Manpower

    • Fiber Glass Laminators
    • Carpenters
    • Electricians
    • Marine fitters
    • Fabricators
    • Upholster
    • Painters/polishers
    • General Labourers/helpers
    • Stores
    • Electricians
  • Production Area

    • Out Fitting Bay-1
    • Out Fitting Bay-2
    • Environmentally Controlled Moulding Shop
  • Tools and Machinery

    • Lath Machine
    • Bench drill
    • TIG Welding Machine
    • Arc Welding Machine
    • Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
    • Wood Sawing/Planning Machine
    • Wood Router Machine
    • Band Saw Machine
    • RIM Machine
    • Gel Coat Spray Machine
    • Industrial Compressor with Dryer
  • Light Resin Transfer Moulding (LRTM)

  • Resin Infusion Moulding

  • CNC Tooling Facility

  • Storage Area

    • Totally Enclosed Store Facility
    • Partially enclosed Store Facility
  • Painting Bay

  • Sanding Bay

  • Metal Fabrication Shop

  • Carpentry Division

  • Upholstery Division

  • Plug and mould making section

  • Carpentry Division

  • Launching and handling facilities up to 25m